CookFast isn't all about quick recipes. It's about making do with what's onhand, substituting for what we don't have, and being able to pick up a few things at the store for great meals.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Barbecue Brisket on the Cheap - Cracking the BBQ Code!

I finally got the trick for making a great brisket on my cheap little $35 covered grill. While I love all the fancy equipment on the food network, it isn't needed.

Go get yourself a 3 lb brisket (Exact Weights are not needed either!). Pick out your favorite sauce, and believe me the .99 bottle will work. Add in a bottle of beer! Then pick up one of those aluminum roasting pans. You're set!

You will need a a barbeque or smoker with a lid. Get your fire going with charcoal. While the coals are still on fire (i.e. haven't gone down to the white coal stage), put your brisket in the pan. Then douse it with the sauce and beer. After the coals are read, put the whole thing on the bbq, cover it, and forget about it for about four hours.

You should lift up the lid to find a wonderful, tender, and tasty brisket with that great flavor found from the best smokers!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pasta Salad - One Dish LIght Meal

This is so darn easy, and even the grandma types like it!

Feed 6 A Light Salad Lunch!

Cook Macaroni or Spiral Macaroni - about 2 cups.
Mix with a bag of pre-made salad, a few tablespoons of Italian Dressing, and whatever fresh veggies you have.

Viola - Instant Pasta Salad

Optional Tips - Add grated cheese, pepper, a few sprigs of mint or parsley, etc at the end for color and flavor.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Is CookFast Un American?

Well, some think it's almost immoral or unpatriotic to use short cuts to cook. Lucky for me - some researchers think it's the American Way!

Publication: Business Wire
Publication Date: 09-MAY-03
Format: Online - approximately words
Delivery: Immediate Online Access

Article Excerpt
Business Editors


The new kitchen of the 21st century is chock full of kitchen shears, pre-made hamburger patties and refrigerated cookie dough- things to make the daily grind in the kitchen easier and more convenient.

In the newly released NPD Kitchen Audit, a snapshot of what's inside America's kitchens, NPD finds over the last decade people have fewer traditional appliances and cookware and more ready-to-use items, like marinades and mixes.

Kitchen shears, for example, were found in 66 percent...

NOTE: All illustrations and photos have been removed from this article.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Simple Stir Fry - One Dish Meal Everybody Likes!

Did I mention that I have really fussy eaters in my house? Did I mention that not one of them ever seems to like the same thing on the same day? I mean, adding condiments to hamburgers is an ordeal! One only wants ketchup. One wants the Spicy Mustard with Dill Pickles. The other one switches back and forth - and woo to me if I should ever try to second guess her!

However, everybody likes the stir fry. It's really simple, quick, and healthy. It even has vegetables. Oh, did I meantion that everybody likes it?

Ok....Now we're all about building our pantry here. That's sort of my philosphy. You have certain 'stock' items on hand that can be combined in lots of recipies. Most are very common. Some are less common, but you can get them at any large supermarket, and they are the stuff of food legend!

Oh yea...we're talking about stir fry, aren't we.

You don't need a wok or anything. A great big frying pan will work just great. After all, fry is in the name of this dish.

So - let's say you need to feed 5 people in half an hour.

2 Cups of Rice - whatever you have will be fine - instant will be the fastest.
---cook according to package directions----

1 Package of stir fry veggies OR just cut up some carrots, green peppers, whateveria you like....

3 Large Chicken Breasts Defrosted

PAM - Spray on cooking stuff

** sesame oil (Uh, some of my kids don't like the way sesame oil smells when I start cooking - if that's a problem for you - you could just use some regular kind of oil) *** About 2 tablespoons for flavor - OPTIONAL

HOISIN SAUCE - You can find this in the Asian or Ethnic section of a large supermarket, and it's great. It's slightly sweet and my kids even like it. However, if you cannot find hoisin sauce, some teriyaki sauce would work. Soy sauce works too, but it doesn't have the sweet flavor. You can also make it without the sauce.

OPTIONAL AND PROBABLY SHOULD BE ADDED AT THE TABLE IF YOU HAVE PICKY EATERS - chile sauce - either Chinese or South or the border varieties work. Cajun stuff works great too.


Cook the rice according to package directions.

Slice the chicken breasts into bite sized cubes. I usually slice them pretty large because my family likes to see more chicken than vegetables.

Make sure your chicken breasts and stir fry veggies are defrosted. Sometimes it's easier to cut the chicken when it is still slightly frozen. A quick zap in the microwave will defrost it after slicing.

Spray your pan liberally with spray on oil, and allow the pan to get hot. Add the additional oil for flavor.

Carefully add the chicken to the pan. I say to do it carefully so you don't get burned because you let oil splash. Use a spatula to turn the chicken every couple of minutes, until the outside of the chicken is browned. Now add the stir fry veggies.

You can turn the whole mixture about every two minutes or so. You want the chicken to be fully cooked, but you don't want to let the veggies get mushy. They taste best - in my humble opinion - when they are 'just cooked' and still a little crunchy.

Right at the end, add about two or three tablespoons of sauce for flavor. Then stir in the cooked rice, and let it pick up the flavors too!

You've done it! In about 20 minutes, you've made an Asian Feast for your family.

Have a great day!

CookFast Welcomes Fast Cooks!

It's not all about speed. It's about making an attracitve and tasty meal after a full day with the ingrediants you have on hand. I'll direct you to great one dish meals, simple main dishes, side dishes that will have everybody asking you for the recipe, and more.

The idea here is to have a few simple ingrediants on hand - and to use them in a variety of ways.

My friends and I had lunch and tipped a few! We started comparing short cut ways to make classic dishes in the short amount of time that our jobs, kids, and commitments left us. It's important to us to put good food in our loved ones mouths, so let's do it the CookFast Way.

We also stress natural ingrediants as possible. Our philosphy is that the closer a food is to it's natural state, the healthier it is. Of course, life is too short not to enjoy chocolate or ice cream sometimes.

Anyway - join us on our mission to become quick gourmets!